Getting ready for 2015 flights


About the Owners >

Fly Board of Bend owners Jason and Marla Jo Hardy brought this adrenaline pumping experience to Central Oregon in September of 2013.  Jason has always enjoyed extreme sports and thanks to his wife Marla Jo, he gets to experience them all. Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Mountain biking, Skiing,Triathlons, kayaking, Advanced scuba diving and hand feeding sharks in the Bahamas. Read more about us...


Our Locations >

We are happy to announce that our primary flight zone is located at the amazing Cove Palisades State Park on Lake Billy Chinook between Bend and Madras, Oregon. This location allows us great visibility and access as well as prime camping, boating, fishing and hiking for all our visitors. There is the Cove Palisades Resort and Marina right next door for all your needs including a place to relax and reminisce about your flight experience. Because we are in the State Park please make sure you book on-line as we can’t do transactions within the park boundaries. See more locations...

Hoverboard >

For those of you with lots of experience with Wakeboarding, Snowboarding or Skateboarding, here is the next challenge. Hoverboard is an advanced adrenaline sport. With this comes increased risk as well as a harder learning curve. Our suggestions are to always start with the Flyboard experience as it is much safer and most people will be flying within a few minutes of being in the water. See more about the hoverboard...